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Winnipeg Home Renovations

Sakiyama Construction Ltd. specializes in remodeling from traditional to ultra contemporary. Over the years, we have been asked to perform a wide range of whole home renovations. By definition, whole home renovation involves modification of at least 75% of the existing house. These changes typically include alterations to both the exterior and interior of the home and may be augmented with additions of varying size. Most often this work starts with collaboration between Sakiyama Construction, the home owners and an interior designer and/or architect.

The planned upgrades generally have several objectives.

One primary reason for
home renovation is to bring the basic utilities of a home up to modern standards. This may involve improvements to electrical, plumbing, heating systems, windows and insulation with an emphasis on energy efficiency and green technology.

A second goal is often to redesign the layout of an existing floor plan to make it functional for a modern family. Today's active lifestyle can be accommodated with design changes to basic areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and entryways. However, modern family living may be improved with the creation of family rooms, dens, libraries, multi room computer facilities, exercise rooms, home offices and home theatres.

The third important objective is to ensure that all changes made will complement the original home yet bring it in line with modern tastes be they traditional or contemporary. All the whole home projects detailed below are examples of the range of expertise that Sakiyama Construction has in performing these
Winnipeg home renovations.

2000's Bungalow 2000's Bungalow
The homeowners wanted to improve functionality and update to a current contemporary look.
1890's Historic Home 1890's Historic Home
This historic home was restored to its original grandeur and beyond.
1980's Contemporary 1980's Contemporary
This custom home built in the 1980's, required major updating.
1960s Contemporary 1940/85s Contemporary Two Storey
This 1940's home was originally a 1.5 storey modified in 1985 into a 2-storey dwelling.
Gorgeous 1960's contemporary home renovation by Winnipegs's Sakiyama Construction 1960s Contemporary
This beautiful contemporary home was state of the art in 1966. It had features which were ahead of their time.
Fabulous 1920's Georgian home restoration - Winnipegs's Sakiyama Construction 1920s Georgian Restoration
This 2 storey Georgian style home had been built in the 1920s and very little had been modernized.
Sakiyama home renovations - Winnipeg 1960's bungalow 1960s Bungalow
Sakiyama Construction remodeled this 2,800 sq ft house custom built in 1964, modernizing it to meet the advancements of the 2000s.
Sakiyama home renovations - Winnipeg 1980's modern home 1980s Modern
The owners were attracted to the exterior and basic layout of this home but knew that the interior needed to be brought up to date.